Ababol Products is an R+D+i company dedicated at the Chemistry Developments. Our challenge is to substitute hazardous products in the industry for other environmentally friendly products and improving their technical properties.

Continuous improvement applied to our products, allowing us to be a world leader in the market of release and surface treatments.

To be confident in the benefits of ABABOL products we suggest you appraise the appropriate product under your particular production conditions. Free no-obligation evaluation samples, technical assistance and custom formulations that meet critical application problems are available on request.

In Ababol Products we have developed high performance polymers for the integral treatment of moulds which characteristics are: no contaminating transfer, no build up and ensure a perfect release.

Ababol Products also offers products for surface protection against external agents. We have different packages: 1, 5, 25 and 200 litres and can adapt to the needs of our customers.

We offer solutions for:

  • Demoulding different products: epoxy composite polymer matrix, polyester, acrylic and phenolic, rubbers and elastomers, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane, etc.
  • All kinds of processes: RTM, Rotomolding, Infusion, FRP, casting, injection, etc.
  • Demoulding on a wide variety of moulds: polyester, vinyl ester, metal, glass, etc.


Desmoldeantes para caucho

New rubber advanced release agent

ABABOL develops a new advanced release agent for tires with exclusive and mica-free characteristics, thus giving the product exclusive characteristics in the synthetic rubber sector.

ABABOL Dry Cleaner

New ABABOL Products cleaner line

Ababol DRY CLEANER is a volatile solvent free product formulation.a cleaning product based on a composition of different solid particles, especially formulated for metal moulds.



Our cleaners will eliminate any remains of wax, surface treatment or any other previously used residues during previous manufacturing. We can offer products free of hazardous organic compounds.


Sealers are used to close microspores and small surface defects, which may result sticking points during the manufacturing process, protecting the mould against potential adhesion.


Based on high performance polymers, it brings to the surface of the mould high anti-sticking properties and lubricity, being a barrier between the mould and the piece manufactured.


Specific formulations designed for the treatment of certain surfaces which protect against the action of external agents, helping to prevent any dirt and dust which makes it easier to clean.



Ababol Products have a range of water-based mould release agents for application in the rubber and elastomers industry, designed to produce multiple releases. These products can be applied in all kinds of techniques, including rubbers and elastomers as automotive tires, conveyor belts, gaskets, engineering parts, footwear etc.


Ababol Products include a range of very high performance cleaners, sealers and release agents for the manufacturing of composite materials. They are used in all types of processes and in a wide variety of raw materials. Ababol has products with different characteristics, depending on the type of mould.


Ababol Products have a range of release agent for the polyurethane industry and especially in process with high abrasion such as RIM. Ababol Products have no contaminating transfer to the finished piece, this allows painting without the use of solvents for cleaning.


Ababol Products have a range of solvent-free release agent for application in the roto-moulding industry. Ababol Products do not create a build-up and have no contaminating transfer to the finished piece. The high performance of these products allows a large number of releases with significant savings in the manufacturing processes.


For further information on the possibilities of our products and to improve efficiency that will achieve the best results in your industrial processes, please access to our applying manuals and technical video sections, or contact our staff.

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