Range of products

ABABOL PRODUCTS have a wide range of products designated at achieving the best results in the processes of release and surface protection, replacing dangerous products for health and the environment by using others environmentally friendly products and improving their technical properties.

We have a range of cleaners, sealers and releases of high performance, applicable to a wide range of industrial processes and various types of finished product.

Industrial cleaners for surface treatment


Our cleaners will eliminate any remains of wax, surface treatment or any other previously used residues during previous manufacturing. We can offer products free of hazardous organic compounds.

High performance sealers


Sealers are used to close microspores and small surface defects, which may result sticking points during the manufacturing process. As a result of using the sealers the mould is better protected against potential adhesion, improving capacity of release agents.

Mould release agents


Based on high performance polymers, it brings to the surface of the mould a high anti-sticking properties and lubricity, being a barrier between the mould and the piece manufactured, avoiding sticking and helping the extraction.

Surface treatment


Specific formulations designed for the treatment of certain surfaces, which protect against the action of external agents, helping to prevent any dirt and dust which makes it easier to clean.